Mr. Barton’s Class Website

Welcome to the class website of Mr. Barton. Hopefully you will find this site useful as an eighth grade student at Donelson Middle School. This site is for students in Mr. Barton’s ELA and American History classes.


Please Join Mr. Barton’s Talking Points app. I will use it for communication with parents and students throughout the year. Click below for instructions in the language of your choice.

Instructions for Joining Talking Points-English

Instructions for Joining Talking Points-Spanish

Instructions for Joining Talking Points-Arabic

Virtual Class Schedule

Underlined classes are synchronous (live) classes. Bold classes are teacher office hours. If nothing is done, they are asynchronous classes (independent work.)

8th GradeClass PeriodMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday
9:00 to9:551​1st Core​1st Core1st Core​1st Core1st Core​
10:00 to10:552​2nd Core​2nd Core​2nd Core​2nd Core​2nd Core​
11:00 to12:15Student Lunch​Student Lunch​Student Lunch​Student  Lunch​Student  Lunch​Student  Lunch​
12:15 to1:00Lunch​Lunch​Lunch​Lunch​Lunch​Lunch​
1:00 to1:553​Related Arts​Related Arts​Related Arts​Related Arts​Related Arts​
2:00 to2:554​3rd Core​3rd Core​3rd Core​3rd Core​3rd Core​
3:00 to3:555​ PLT​PLT Support​PLT​PLT Support​PLT​


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PASSWORD: It appears MNPS IT department has reset ALL passwords back to the default password. The default is first name first letter capitalized, last name first letter lower case, two digit birth month, two digit birth DAY, last two digits of your birth year. Example: Your name is John Doe and you were born on May 12, 2006, your password would be Jd051206 If John Doe were born on May 1, 2006, the password would be Jd050106 another example with hyphenated name: Riley Crow-Redd, born 11/22/06 would be Rc112206 ——-Last example: George Washington born 2/22/1732 would type in Gw022232 Notice you have to put the 0 in front of the month number for January through September (01-09). IF THIS DOES NOT WORK, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH ME!!!

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Donelson Middle School. Navigate the page by clicking your teacher’s names at the bottom (on a computer) or at the top (on a cell phone.) Also, click here for a link to the Donelson Middle School’s COVID 19 web page which has countless resources for your family and students during this extended shutdown.

Below is the best visual representation as to why we are needed to stay at home to keep from infecting others.

You can access the History Book’s online website as well as your other school based pages by going to Clever.

You can access iReady for ELA class also through Clever.

You can access my MNPS Schoology page HERE.

If you do not remember how to log into clever, please go the the “Clever Login” Page

I have several video and text resources for American History under the American History tab above.

I understand this is a bizarre time. I am learning what to do at the same time you are, so we are both learning together!!!

I hope you all are doing well and following all state and local directives to stay healthy. Remember, keep six feet away from people not living with you and wash your hands often. If you don’t know how, click here to learn.

If you have any problems navigating this page or have ANY questions at all for me, click on the “Contact Mr. Barton” Page and let me know. Students…you know me. If you need to talk about something, please get in touch with me!!!