Logging into Clever for History Book or iReady

13 Colonies

Use the information and the link to the right to log into Clever to get to the History Book website and iReady.

How to log into Clever to get to iReady and/or the History Book online.

If you are going to iReady, click on the iReady icon after the Second Step.


SECOND Login with your school email and password.

THIRD scroll down to the red McGraw-Hill icon and click on it.

FOURTH click on the word LAUNCH nearest the icon for the social studies book.

FIFTH click on the box that says Browse Your Course, then scroll down the the chapter assigned, then click on it.

SIXTH scroll down a bit then click on the blue rectangular box that says Interactive eBook.

SEVENTH navigate through the chapter by scrolling and using the blue arrows to either side of the page numbers near the top.