American History

Battle of the Ironclads (American Civil War) click link for more!

Click Here for Tennessee Eighth Grade Social Studies Standards

If you are looking to learn over this extended break, please look into the videos at the following links. They are great for learning what we cannot learn in class right now. Some are videos and some links are text to read.

This site is FABULOUS!!! I have used text from this website in class and added my own questions this year. Pick up where we left off (roughly number 14) through number 35 (Reconstruction). You can keep going if you wish to get a head start on your 11th grade history class!! Click here to be taken to the site.

War of 1812

Trail of Tears (Indian Removal Act of Andrew Jackson)

The Presidency of Andrew Jackson

Missouri Compromise/Kansas-Nebraska Act/Bleeding Kansas

Election of George Washington

Harriet Tubman

Ken Burns Civil War Episode 1: The Cause

The Second Great Awakening

Women’s Rights and Seneca Falls Convention

Three Speeches of Frederick Douglass

I will post more soon.