Use these links for Thursday’s, 1/23/2020 Classwork

Links for Revolutionary War Battles Webquest IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER

Battle of Lexington and Concord

Battle of Bunker Hill

Battles of Trenton and Princeton

Battle of Saratoga

Battle of Kings Mountain

Battle of Yorktown



Pre-Revolutionary War Vocabulary

American Revolution Vocabulary

  1. Revolution – an overthrow and complete replacement of an established government or political system by the people being governed by that system
  2. Victuals – food
  3. Pining – yearning for, wanting
  4. Contrivance – mechanical device
  5. Amiss – something is wrong
  6. Libation – a drink used as an offering or sacrifice
  7. Repose – to rest
  8. Militia – a military force made up of ordinary citizens
  9. Converted – to change the religious beliefs of someone
  10. Iroquois Confederacy – the most powerful group of Native Americans in eastern North America before and during the French and Indian War
  11. Alliance – a partnership
  12. Neutral – to take no side of a conflict
  13. Prohibited – barred or kept someone from doing something
  14. Revenue – incoming money from taxes or other sources
  15. Writs of Assistance – Documents that allowed British officers to search anywhere for smuggled goods without a warrant
  16. Violated – to disregard or go against a norm or law
  17. Resolution – a formal expression of opinion
  18. Effigy – a mocking figure representing an unpopular individual
  19. Boycott – to refuse to buy goods for a reason
  20. Repeal – to cancel or rescind
  21. Commodities – goods people buy and sell on a regular basis
  22. Rebellion – open defiance of authority
  23. Occupy – to take control of an area
  24. Encounter – to meet or come face-to-face with a person or a group
  25. Propaganda – ideas or information (true or false) intentionally spread to harm or help a cause, information used to influence public opinion
  26. Committee of Correspondence – an organization that spread ideas and information through Britain’s American colonies
  27. Minutemen – militia men in the American colonies who said they could be ready to fight in a minute’s notice
  28. Approach – to get closer to something
  29. Loyalists – colonists who sided with Britain and saw no need for an armed rebellion
  30. Patriots – colonists who were against the British and wanted to fight an armed rebellion
  31. Moorings – ropes or chains holding a ship in place
  32. Encampment – place where a group of soldiers are camped
  33. Sentinel – a soldier on guard
  34. Musket-ball – a bullet from a gun
  35. Discipline – the ability to follow rules and procedures
  36. Debate – a discussion by opposing points of view
  37. Preamble – the introduction to a formal document that often tells why the document was written (similar to an introduction to an essay)
  38. Renounce – to give up or abandon something or someone
  39. Reconciliation – a settlement or understanding between two people
  40. Infallibly – without fail, cannot fail
  41. Animosity – hostility, ill will, hatred